At Epp Concrete, our advancements in waterproofing provide contractors and homeowners peace of mind when it comes to water management. We use the best systems and products to ensure that the customer never has to worry about water again. Our waterproofing and drainage solutions come with the industry’s best warranties and guarantees. We waterproof residential and commercial projects, retrofit drainage systems to existing or aging homes, and we specialize in yard drainage.

It’s important to inform yourself of these potential problems and address them right away if you notice water collecting in your home. Whether it is just a musty smell, wet patches on your walls, or standing water, any water infiltration into your basement is a serious problem.


When choosing window well, you should not only consider functionality, but also style to complement the look of your home. We offer several varieties of window wells for all types of homes and homeowners.

Window Well Drainage

When a window well is not drained correctly, the window well drain is clogged, or the stone in the window well does not provide adequate drainage, water can pool as if it were an aquarium. When it gets high enough, this accumulated water can pour straight into your basement from between the window frame and the top of the wall, or even through the window itself.  Inadequate window well drainage can cause a substantial amount of water to pour into your basement very quickly, thus creating a need for improved window well drainage. Epp offers a variety of window well drainage equipment that will offer your home several benefits:

  • Permanently repairs inadequate window well drainage
  • Window well cover installed
  • Drainage application from inside the basement (no yard disturbance)
  • Transferable limited warranty
  • Controls water to prevent mold growth
  • Sits close to foundation wall so fix is easily covered up from inside
  • New seal applied to interior of window well


RockWell™ Window Wells

  • Premier, Elite, and Cascade series
  • True Texture looks and feels like real stone without the cost
  • Several color options
  • Built-in steps allow safe escape from basement during emergencies
  • Easy installation
  • Will not collapse from backfill
  • UV stable
  • Resistant to water, frost, and extreme temperatures
  • Rust and rot proof



  • Polycarbonate
  • Prevents accidental falls into window well
  • Keeps leaves and debris out
  • Allows natural sunlight to enter your basement
  • UV light protection
  • Engineered to hold up to 500 lbs




  • Prevents accidental falls into window well
  • Allows ventilation for your basement
  • Permits natural sunlight to enter your basement
  • Engineered to hold up to 500 lbs
  • Earth tone powder coat paint
  • Blends with landscaping


Ladder (optional)

  • Decorative design complements window well
  • Facilitates escape from window well
  • Earth tone powder coat paint

A sump pump is a fixture that usually sits in a home’s basement or crawlspace that removes groundwater from underneath the home. Without it, water from below the ground or heavy precipitation can cause your basement or even main floors to flood. Epp Concrete offers several sump pump systems so you can decide which one fits you and your home’s individual needs.


  • ⅓ hp motor
  • Plumbed to exterior of home
  • Cast iron/aluminum construction
  • Energy efficient permanent split capacitor (PSC) motor
  • Piggy-back dual float switch with protective cage
  • Dual carbon/ceramic seals
  • 10’ power cord
  • 48 month warranty
  • Water cooled (no oil to leak)


  • Energy efficient ⅓ hp permanent split capacitor (PSC) motor
  • Plumbed to exterior of home
  • Battery included
  • Cast iron/aluminum construction
  • Automatically switches to battery power when AC fails
  • Piggy-back dual float switch on primary and backup pumps
  • Detects irregularities, sounds an alarm, and pinpoints problems and solutions on control panel
  • 36 month warranty
  • Water cooled (no oil to leak)


  • Energy efficient ⅓ hp permanent split capacitor (PSC) motor
  • Plumbed to exterior of home
  • Battery included
  • Cast iron/aluminum construction
  • Automatically switches to battery power when AC fails
  • Piggy-back dual float switch on primary and backup pumps
  • Detects irregularities, sounds an alarm, and pinpoints problems and solutions on control panel
  • Output terminals for connection to a security system or auto-dialer
  • 48 month warranty
  • Water cooled (no oil to leak)

Water in your basement after a storm or period of heavy precipitation is never fun, which is why Epp Concrete offers a complete drain tile system to keep your basement dry and protected. Our system consists of waterproofing materials that lead incoming water into round, perforated piping, which then runs to your sump pump and is redirected out of your home. What makes our drain tile system the best on the market is that we actually dig into the floor and install the drain tile below the surface, next to the footing. This way, water can easily reach the piping and then be pumped away from your home. Never worry about a wet basement again with an Epp Concrete drain tile system!

Epp crawl spaceTraditionally, crawl spaces are built in homes that do not have a basement or are not constructed on a concrete slab. However, many homes today have crawl spaces in between certain walls as well.  It’s important to be cautious of your crawl space, because it’s a prime area for soil and moisture to create mold, mildew, and other harmful materials. The Epp Concrete crawl space system is designed and engineered to isolate your home from these existing and potential issues.  Our system uses the highest strength liner available on the market and is best accompanied with our drainage system and cutting edge sump pumps. Reclaim your crawl space and take advantage of our system and its benefits to improve the quality of your home:

  • Reduces moisture and humidity levels in crawl space
  • Quick and non-invasive installation
  • Superior puncture and tear resistance
  • Gain valuable storage space
  • Protects your home from structural damage
  • 25 year transferable limited warranty
  • Drastically reduces allergens
  • Stops mold growth
  • Protection from damaging insects and rodents
  • Increases resale value of home

Epp baseboard dry systemThe Epp Concrete Baseboard Dry System is just as effective in block wall basements as it is in those with solid poured walls. The baseboard is not attached to the wall, allowing air to circulate within the blocked and poured cavities to keep them dry. It also provides a source of disposal for upper-wall moisture to enter the channel. Hydrostatic pressure is relieved by drilling weep holes in the base of the foundation. The hollow Baseboard Dry channel collects the seepage,
allowing the water to drain into a sump pit where it can be pumped out.

Advantages of the Baseboard Dry System

  • Reduces moisture and humidity in basement
  • Installation is quick and non-invasive
  • Relieves hydrostatic pressure from foundation walls
  • Eliminates wet crawl spaces
  • Protects your home from structural damages
  • Drastically reduces allergens
  • Stops mold from entering your home

exterior-waterproofingSometimes you have to be proactive with your basement waterproofing. If you have a finished basement, or if it is impractical to waterproof the interior or your basement, you may have to waterproof the exterior of your basement. Exterior waterproof membranes are installed by excavating around your foundation and applying the membrane directly to the foundation wall. A perforated drain pipe may also be installed at the base of your foundation for added waterproofing.

Advantages of Epp Concrete’s Exterior Waterproofing System

  • Stops water at the source of the problem
  • Used when issue cannot be addressed from interior
  • Stops water from the outside edge of the foundation
  • Prevents mold growth by stopping leaks
  • Allows insulation to be added to exterior walls

Why choose sub-floor drainage?

  • Collects water at the lowest point of the basement
  • Allows for lateral drain-tile to be installed if needed
  • Floor can be poured back to original thickness
  • Time proven method
  • Allows more gravel to be installed to provide better drainage

During heavy rainstorms, directing as much water away from your foundation is vital. If your downspouts or sump pump discharge pipe is not set far enough from your home, water can pool around your foundation resulting in seepage and structural problems.

Our Underground Downspout and Sump Pump Discharge Extensions transport water away from your foundation into a Bubbler Pot. After pressure builds in the Bubbler Pot, the lid opens and distributes water evenly across your yard. Not only does this provide superior water drainage, but it eliminates any tripping hazards from long downspouts.

Advantages of a yard drainage system

  • Transports water away from home and foundation walls during heavy rains
  • Eliminates downspout tripping hazards
  • Makes yard maintenance easier
  • Can eliminate many water issues before they start