Bowing walls occur when a home’s foundation walls curve inward, forming a “bow.” The most common cause of a bowing or leaning wall is excessive lateral pressure on the exterior. When the pressure becomes too much for the wall to handle, it starts to bow, crack, or even break.
In fact, basement walls are under constant pressure from the dirt and rock that surround them, like a submarine under water. Combine this with the constant freeze and thaw cycles of our climate zone and you get a continual battle of shifting forces pressing in against your basement.

Common causes of bowing walls include:

  • Expansive clay soils are common in our part of the country. These soils readily expand and contract as the moisture in the ground increases and decreases.
  • Hydrostatic pressure is an accumulation of water in the soil surrounding the foundation wall that exerts pressure against the walls. The ground around your foundation may seem solid, but it is in fact saturated with water depending on the weather.
  • Frost can also lead to bowing walls as the soil against the wall freezes, expands and applies pressure.

*It’s important to remember that damaged foundation walls are an indication of a very serious problem for the home.

To repair bowing walls, we use a variety of products and techniques: