Gabe Sanchez

Gabe is a trusted and valued member of the Epp Concrete team and upholds the standards of the company. Gabe has been thoroughly trained by the founder and the Foundation Specialists of Epp Concrete. He has consulted with hundreds of homeowners and has designed effective solutions for each of them. With over 15 years in […]


Sierra Crees

Sierra joined the Epp Concrete Team in June of 2016. She is originally from Friend, Nebraska but moved to Lincoln 10 years ago. Sierra brings to the company a vast knowledge of client care and customer service. Sierra assists with scheduling appointments, following up with customers, and general office operations. She is currently in school […]


Cole Cramer

Cole started at Epp Concrete in October 2012. He began on walls (new foundation) and moved to the repair division where he became a Foreman. Cole is originally from Hastings, NE. When Cole isn’t installing sump pumps and draintile, he can be found literally anywhere that has a live band playing. He attends several music […]


Trent Aksamit

Trent Aksamit joined the Epp Concrete Team in 2016. Trent’s previous experience as a Home Inspector and in the landscape industry provides him with vast knowledge in the areas of foundations, yard grading, and yard drainage. His attention to detail and understanding of the entire foundation process allow him to find the best possible solutions for basement waterproofing […]


Connor Preston

Connor Preston has been with Epp Concrete since 2013. He leads with quiet determination and sets an excellent example for those around him. Connor enjoys the hands on aspect of his job and the satisfaction of seeing a job through to completion. He was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska. Connor is the oldest of […]


Ross Kremer

Ross Kremer first came to Epp Concrete in 2012. He knows what it takes to get the job done and motivates those around him with his positivity. He enjoys the friendships he has made at work and appreciates working for a company where the bosses know you on a personal level and care about you beyond the workplace. Family […]


Brad Maaske

Brad Maaske has been at Epp Concrete since 2014. He enjoys helping customers solve their foundation issues and allowing them to feel safe and comfortable with their homes once the project is completed. Brad is a hard worker who stays focused on a task until it is finished. He loves working with his hands and […]


Taylor Yardley

Taylor Yardley has been at Epp Concrete since 2014. He likes to work hard and makes it a priority to have fun while he’s working. He was born and raised in Nebraska and proud of his Nebraska roots. Taylor loves the guys he works with and the family environment at Epp Concrete. When he is […]


Dustin Payne

Dustin has been with Epp Concrete since 2010, and he has worked on every aspect of the foundation process. Dustin is very good when it comes to finding a way to get the job done. He is very skilled with machinery. Dustin enjoys going to the races and spending time with his kids, but to […]


Erik Cramer

Erik has been with Epp Concrete since 2005 and acts as the Field Superintendent on all repair projects. Erik has been in the construction industry most of his life and has vast knowledge in all construction. He has run many jobs ranging from large homes to small repair jobs, and likes the challenge and variety […]