A home’s foundation plays a vital role in keeping the structure stable and the occupants inside safe. Many foundation issues result from expansive soils, soil erosion, poor basement waterproofing, and poor compaction. Epp can repair your cracked, uneven, or shifting foundation. Here are the foundation repair services we provide:


A common problem in homes ten years or older is settlement. If the soil below a home is unstable, it could expand and contract, resulting in movement of the house foundation. This leads to cracks in the interior or the exterior surfaces. Settlement cracks most often develop on the foundation or on walls and ceilings. These issues can make your home unsafe and should be fixed right away.

Here are some ways we fix structure and settlement issues:

  • Steel Mobile Push Piers
  • Helical Piers
  • Push piers and helical piers are the best ways to truly fix a settling foundation and we offer a 25-year warranty



Bowing walls are when the foundation walls curve inward, forming a “bow.” Bowed walls are often a result of external pressure from soils and water. Damaged foundation walls are an indication of a serious problem for the home.

We provide a number of methods to fix bowed and damaged walls including:

  • Wall tie back anchors
  • Helical tie back beams
  • Adjustable steel I beams
  • Carbon fiber straps


We will help you choose the correct and most economical way to fix your home structure or settlement issues and damaged or bowed walls.

If you have any questions regarding foundation repair, contact us for more information.


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