crawl space

Damp Crawl Space?

Do you own or rent a home with a crawl space? A home’s crawl space can pose a multitude of different issues to renters and homeowners – moisture, mold, mildew, deteriorating wood, rodents, and insects, along with other structural and environmental problems. Due to an effect, called the “stack effect”, warm air in the home […]

Epp Concrete: A Socially Responsible Company

Today, consumers expect more than great products and services from the companies they do business with.  We, as consumers, also like to get to know the company, the mission, the owners, and what the business stands for when we choose to do business with them. Research from Cone Communications/Echo Global reported that 90% of shoppers […]

Fixing foundation

All About Foundation Repairs

Repairing potential foundation problems should be a priority for every homeowner. Foundation repairs prevent little problems from becoming bigger, keep your home safe, and protect the value of your property. Fortunately, foundation problems tend to develop and worsen slowly, giving you time to make a thorough evaluation and decide on the proper action for the […]

Push Piers

Home Settlement: What is it?

Your home is large investment, so when it starts to settle, it’s important that you fix it. You’re probably asking, what does it mean when a house settles? Also, how do I know if my home is settling? If you understand the cause and warning signs of foundation failure, you will be able to contact […]

Rain gutter without any drainage systems near house foundation.

The Importance of Proper Foundation Drainage

When most people think of the biggest hazards to their home, they immediately think of fires, tornadoes, and other natural disasters. In fact, the soil underneath homes is the leading cause of structural damage in the United States.   How can that be right?   Foundation damage occurs as a result of nature’s uncontrollable effect […]

House lifted off its foundation

What to Expect During a Foundation Repair

The two words no homeowner wants to hear, “foundation damage”. Once you hear those words you probably figure you are in for a long and costly repair process, after all, your foundation is literally what your house is built on. Foundation problems are best addressed as early as possible. Unfortunately, no house is completely immune […]


Settling Foundation? We Have Your Solutions!

Home foundation settlement is an unfortunate fact of life. Finding out that your home is settling can seem like a hopeless situation, how can you fight mother nature? While it may seem hopeless at first, once you understand foundation settlement you can learn how we combat it. Settlement occurs when the soil below a home […]

House Foundation Damage

How to Spot Home Foundation Problems

When you are buying a home or remodeling your current home, there are plenty of things on your mind, and it can be hard to forget the most important part of the house, the foundation! So before you start picking out new paint colors and cupboards, make sure you check the foundation. The foundation is […]

epp october2 winter effects on your home

Winter Weather Effects on Your Home

Living in the Midwest, we are no strangers to cold, harsh winters, but that’s not the only drawback to winter here. The cold temperatures also affect your home’s foundation, and may even be compromising its structural integrity. Get familiar with these adverse effects that winter can bear on your home as well as some ways […]