Corn growing on the agricultural field during summer drought.

Droughts and Your Foundation

Midwesterners know how detrimental drought scan be, especially since much of Nebraska and Iowa’s economies are heavily dependent on the agriculture sector. Oh, and we sort of sit on top of the world’s largest aquifer, but did you know these droughts can have a substantial impact on your home, too? In fact, Better Business Bureau […]

Installation of a new sump pump and the removal of the old obsolete rusty one with a high angle view of the pumps, pit and pipes

The Importance of Having a Backup Battery for Your Sump Pump

Sump pumps are important fixtures in homes across the country. They play an integral role in diverting ground and flood water away from homes and can go a long way in protecting your home’s foundation from water and structural damage. They work simply enough. Typically, they’re positioned in a corner of a basement in a […]

collapsed basement wall

Is Carbon Fiber a fix for my bowed basement wall?

Carbon Fiber can be a great, inexpensive solution to stop a bowing wall. However, proper installation is critical in the success or failure of the carbon fiber strap. Before we discuss proper carbon fiber installation, let’s talk about why a basement wall will bow. Every basement wall is under pressure, mostly from dirt and rock […]

Repairing a sump pump in a basement with a red LED light illuminating the pit and pipe work for draining ground water

What Is a Sump Pump and How Does It Work?

If you have a basement, chances are you have a very important fixture tucked back in the furthest corner: your sump pump. While it’s mostly inconspicuous, your sump pump plays a very important role in protecting your home from water damage by removing groundwater from beneath your home. They’re designed to help safeguard your home’s […]

Foundation crack

What Is Foundation Settling?

Homeowners usually have an idea of what foundation settling is, but new homebuyers may not. In new homes, settling is usually minimal, as the weight of the newly built home settles into a newly excavated site. However, over time, foundation settling can result in critical issues that could compromise a home’s stability and safety. The […]

Wet basement

Is Your Basement Leaking?

Water can cause a lot of issues for property owners, especially in basements. When water leaks into a home via a crack near a windowsill or in the basement and goes unnoticed for a while, the resulting damage can get overwhelming. From mold and wood decay, to needing to replace drywall and flooring, basement leaks […]

poly_concrete_lifting (10)

Why Choose PolyLift™ Concrete Leveling?

When the soil underneath a concrete slab can no longer support its weight, the slab will sink or settle. If some areas of soil are weak and others aren’t, the result may be uneven, unleveled, cracked, or caving concrete. Sinking concrete is caused by excessive weight, expansion and contraction due to changes in the weather, […]

crawl space

Damp Crawl Space?

Do you own or rent a home with a crawl space? A home’s crawl space can pose a multitude of different issues to renters and homeowners – moisture, mold, mildew, deteriorating wood, rodents, and insects, along with other structural and environmental problems. Due to an effect, called the “stack effect”, warm air in the home […]


Epp Concrete: A Socially Responsible Company

Today, consumers expect more than great products and services from the companies they do business with.  We, as consumers, also like to get to know the company, the mission, the owners, and what the business stands for when we choose to do business with them. Research from Cone Communications/Echo Global reported that 90% of shoppers […]

Cement Work Pour Patio

Are “Smart Surface Solutions” The Next Concrete Trend?

The clean energy advisory and venture capital firm Capital E recently released a cost-benefit analysis of smart surface solutions for a handful of U.S. cities.   The analysis and prognosis for Smart Surfaces are very good indeed, so keep an eye out for Smart Surface developments in the industry. Smart Surfaces are designed to offset […]